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Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants can be used for a variety of reasons, but commonly their aim is to either support the main teacher, support an individual or individuals with special educational needs or to gain experience during an apprenticeship, before becoming a qualified teacher themselves. TA jobs are popular for anyone starting off their career in the education industry as it provides first-hand experience within a classroom setting, where some of the most essential disciplines can be learnt.

TA’s are primarily there to offer extra help and guidance in classrooms, which can host over ten children at any given time and accommodate children of all ages. Considering the busy nature of working in a classroom, an assertive and confident educator is desirable. A knack for connecting with children quickly is a major advantage for anyone applying for teaching assistant jobs, regardless of what entry level.

Some pupils may need more help than others and this is where a teaching assistant can be a huge asset to any classroom. That one-to-one assistance may be the only chance for a child to truly grasp the task and learn, so by nature the job can be extremely rewarding. Next Generation Education have the ability to assist with a variety of TA jobs from part time, full time, level 1-4, SEN and trainee teaching assistant jobs. When it comes to sourcing candidates we go through all the right procedures and know exactly what to look for whilst screening.

For Candidates:

Our expert team of TA recruitment consultants are waiting to hear from both budding and experienced teachers who are applying for either nursery, primary or secondary school TA jobs. By using Next Generation Education, you will be working with a friendly, resourceful and communicative TA recruitment agency, who will often go the extra mile to ensure you are comfortable in every step of the application process.

If you have the correct qualifications, you are currently studying or you are genuinely interested in helping children progress in education then please do get in touch. For those of you who have experience working within SEN TA positions, then we are keen to hear from you too because we regularly advertise SEN teaching assistant jobs online. Perhaps it’s a temporary TA job that you are after? Well with Next Generation Education you’ve found a TA recruitment agency that can accommodate all hours, contracts and preferences.

Feel free to call, email or apply for a job today by looking at our TA vacancies.

For Clients:

Next Generation Education are now available for recruitment partnerships with any organisation that needs help sourcing quality candidates for level 1, level 2 and level 3 teaching assistant jobs. We can also assist with nursery TA and SEN TA positions, understanding exactly what goes into these niche and specialist teaching areas.

Having a reliable and knowledgeable recruitment partner by your side can lift a huge weight off your shoulders. Knowing that our team are made up of previous workers within the education system and that we have access to thousands of great candidates should install you with great confidence that we’ll not only get results, but effective ones.

No matter how busy the office, we will always make time for our clients and we are open to requirement changes, and will act accordingly to any amendments. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of having Next Generation Care as your recruitment specialist, then give us a call because we are more than happy to further discuss our services.

Contact our team today to learn more about our TA recruitment package.