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Secondary Schooling

Secondary school is commonly the longest time a child will stay in education, and during this time the child will go through amazing transformations; most noticeably entering school as a child and leaving as a young adult. Considering how each year group will be different, it is essential for us as a secondary school recruitment agency to truly understand the contrasts between working with 11 year olds compared to working with 17 year olds. A knowledge of the sector allows us to put forward only the most suitable candidates for most relevant roles.

Many secondary schools will have teachers that cover all year groups, so a diverse and adaptable teacher is almost always desired. Due to the massive influence a teacher can have on a pupil it is essential that all teacher recruitment is done properly and only the most suitable candidates are put forward, and given that our team are made up of people who have been successful teachers in the past we’d like to think we can spot all the right signs of a talented secondary school teacher.


For Candidates:


If you have previous experience as a secondary school teacher, whether it’s an assistant or a fully trained teacher who’s managed a classroom of 15+ pupils, then we’d love to hear from you. Next Generation Education can help you on your next career move, with a consistent influx of teacher vacancies to select from, including teaching assistant jobs to PE teaching jobs. So whether you are trying to find your feet as an assistant or you are fully trained and have found your niche, we can accommodate your needs.


Using Next Generation Education as your recruitment agency will ensure you’ll receive a fair and secure service, and an outlet that genuinely wants to get to know you. Understanding the history of our candidates, their character and their goals, gives us further opportunity to find the perfect vacancy that can really play to a candidate’s strengths. With us you are promised a communicative, honest and helpful agency who will support you on your quest for a wide range of secondary school teacher jobs.


Please do get in touch if you are looking for secondary school jobs.


For Clients:

Ensuring that you receive quality staff for your secondary school will go a long way to determine how successful you are. Without inspiring secondary school teachers your pupils can not flourish and will be unable to learn vital skills before leaving school for work or university. With Next Generation Education you can gain peace of mind that we will do our utmost to supply you with quality teachers for a vast array of positions, from PE teachers and English teachers to part time or class room assistants.


We feel great pride and honour in finding talent for the benefit of schools and the children that attend them. Knowing that we have made a positive contribution to their learning is a fantastic driver for the recruitment service we provide. Although quality teaching is wanted by all secondary schools, we remain aware that not every school is the same and that’s why before any candidates are sourced we like to get to know our clients, understanding their identity and aims.


We truly believe that having a team of former teachers on board helps to guide us in making the correct decisions with the candidates we put forward. This specialism and expertise allows us to accurately assist our client partners with a wise and valuable service. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you on your hunt for talented teachers, then please contact our team.

You can call us on 01752 229925 or alternatively send an email through our contact form.