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Preschool offers a similar setting to nurseries, however they usually contain more of an educational structure and are commonly used to develop children aged from three to five years before they start school. Although a pre school setting doesn’t have the pressures connected to the elder academic years, it is still used as a great indicator to what lies ahead; through basic teaching and learning activities. Due to preschool having a greater focus on education and school curriculum, it means it would be advantageous for preschool workers to share an interest in learning, education and schooling.


Here at Next Generation Education we are committed in only supplying the right candidates for this influential stage of a young child’s life. Our ability to source, screen and put forward suitable people for both pre school manager jobs as well as pre school teacher jobs makes our service extremely diverse. Early childhood education is important, whether it’s privately run or government funded, every setting wishes for quality staff that can make a difference to a child’s learning and development.

For Candidates:

Although a proven track record and experience working within a pre school setting is a massive advantage and puts you in good stead, we would also like to hear from those willing to learn and who genuinely have an interest for pursuing a career in early learning. Having said this, preschool jobs commonly require some sort of studying or qualification to coincide with your work, such as a level 3 qualification in childcare.

Most preschool roles entail working with a fairly large number of children at once, so the ability to accommodate and include all of them is essential. You’ll need to have patience, energy and be confident in what you are doing at all times. Showing enthusiasm for play based learning and encouragement in educational based activities will go a long way to ensure not only are the children having a head start but they are doing so with a smile on their face.

Please view our current vacancies, submit your CV or get in touch if you are interested in pre school jobs.

For Clients:

If you are seeking a trusted preschool recruitment agency, then the Next Generation Education service can provide you with beneficial partner on your search for passionate and talented preschool workers. Using our experience and intuition, as well as your vacancy guidelines and any other requirements you may set, we are confident we can yield quality results for your preschool setting to prosper.


Making sure that the children are content, secure and relaxed is paramount, so we’ll use all of our wisdom to attract and contact only the best candidates to make sure this happens. Jobs in pre school needn’t be hard to cater for because we have thousands of reliable and willing candidates at our disposal who are sure to make a difference to your business and the children inside it. So if you are looking for a recruitment partner to head your preschool job advertisements and help you on your search for quality candidates, please do get in touch we waiting to hear from you.

Contact our team to discuss our services in further detail.