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Nurseries are an important stepping stone for young children, they encourage the social element as well as being educational – and this why Next Generation Education are so passionate about filling nursery worker jobs. There are various types of nursery settings and we are capable of finding talented staff to improve all of these key areas.


Nurseries typically accommodate children from six weeks and above, and they are commonly the educational gateway before preschool or primary school. Employing the right nursery staff is essential because quite often this is the first time a child will be away from their parents. Depending on the nursery size, location and funding, each is different, but the ability to care for more than four or five young children at once is imperative, so anyone applying for nursery assistant jobs or nursery nurse jobs will need to be adaptable, versatile and vigilant.


Some nurseries are private, whereas others are public funded, and we deliver staff for both. Next Generation Education understand that the setup, function and ideology of a nursery can have a huge bearing on the type of staff required. As an example school nursery jobs may entail different tasks to day nursery jobs, and nursery nurse jobs in hospitals will almost always require extra demands. Realising that not every nursery is the same and that some require further qualifications and different character traits makes us a nursery recruitment agency with great awareness and consideration to every type of nursery setting.


For Candidates:


Whether you are an established professional and you’re looking for nursery manager jobs or you are trying to get your foot in the door and part time nursery jobs are more appealing, it doesn’t matter because here at Next Generation Education we cater for many different experience levels and disciplines.  


Our recruitment agency covers various nursery types, from day nursery and council run nurseries to school and hospital nurseries. In the past we have had vacancies suitable for unqualified applicants to nursery jobs that require a higher level of applicant. In terms of our process, every candidate will be dealt with the same and given honest, relative and helpful assistance whilst enquiring or applying for jobs in a nursery. 


Please view our latest vacancies to see if there is a suitable role for you.


For Clients: 


If you are a public or private run nursery looking for help with your recruitment program, then look no further. Next Generation Education are made up of true professionals who know the industry inside out, with many of them working within early years’ education themselves. Our ability to spot candidate suitability early on and our access to thousands of potential candidates makes us a quality asset for any business seeking nursery recruitment agencies that they can count on.


We have the capacity to fill both general or specific nursery roles, so from nursery teacher jobs all the way through to part time nursery assistant jobs. Our flexibility between vacancies and the demands that come with them means we can help our clients achieve a variety of recruitment goals. The commitment to safeguarding young children starts at the recruitment process, so we go to great lengths to guarantee all the relevant checks are made and all the personal boxes are ticked before putting forward a candidate.


It’s the Next Generation Education vision that when a new client partnership is formed we intend to make this longstanding and prosperous, with constant reviews and communications taking place at your leisure. If you choose Next Generation Education as your latest nursery recruitment agency then you’ll be receiving an approachable, hardworking and specialist outlet to source the very best talent for your organisation to flourish.

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more.