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A learning support assistant is very similar to a teaching assistant’s role, however there is more emphasis on the learning and educational development, which can be exercised outside as well as inside of a classroom, rather than all the other attachments connected to being a TA. LSA positions concentrate on the assistance and educational development of children and sometimes vulnerable adults, this is very common in SEN settings where one on one tutoring takes place for an individual or small group.


Our LSA recruitment solutions can be benefited by both private and public education sectors, from mainstream primary and secondary school to specialist schools where individuals are vulnerable or have special needs. LSA jobs can also be advertised as learning mentors, where it’s the workers’ duty to monitor, consult and help develop an individual’s learning on a personal and more specific level than a general TA. Our learning support teaching jobs can commonly be sectioned into SEN or mainstreaming roles, where the need for dedicated assistants is high and ever present.


Quite often LSA jobs will concentrate on vulnerable adults as well as children. A vulnerable adult can be anyone who has reached the age of 18 but still requires assistance with education and learning. This means that the Next Generation Education LSA recruitment caters for a diverse range of scenarios, including the two key areas of support for both young children and vulnerable adults.


For Candidates:


Whether you have worked assisting vulnerable adults with their learning or you have experience supporting young children in education, we’d like to hear from all LSA professionals. If you enjoy nothing more than watching the development of an individual and knowing that the assistance you’ve given has improved their skills, then Next Generation Education are willing to help you on your next career move.


We constantly help our business clients with their LSA recruitment needs. Our expertise within the industry allows us to become a real asset to them, as well as you! By using us as your go-to recruitment agency for TA and support work will mean you’ll receive a fair, communicative and approachable outlet that may just help you to find your dream job.


If you are interested in finding out more about our LSA jobs, then please take a browse on our current vacancies page.


For Clients:


Due to the sensitive nature of the job it’s important that educational settings find a trusted LSA recruitment agency that they can rely on. Whether you are public or private education you can count on Next Generation Education to supply you with experienced, qualified and talented staff to fill your LSA jobs. We have a large candidate database that includes thousands of professionals, as well as also using modern techniques to acquire new skilled workers for learning support assistant roles.


When you use us your recruitment partner you’ll receive a warm, honest and experienced team that will always be contactable. We remain approachable as well as flexible to your needs, even if they change or divert from original plans. Before any recruitment is proposed we feel it’s important to get to know your business, it’s character and ethics, as this will further enhance our chances of finding the perfect fit for you.


Please feel free to discuss our recruitment service with one of our consultants, they are happy to hear from you.