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Child Care

Jobs in child care settings are broad and can include part-time contracts for summer projects or one-on-one care in residential scenarios. Child care recruitment agencies need to remain flexible and have the scope to assist niche positions. Our general child care recruitment service covers a wide range of settings from weekend child care jobs, summer child care jobs as well as nursery or child care hospital jobs.

Our general child care recruitment service is almost like our miscellaneous sector, where there isn’t a strict guideline or a category to follow but it simply falls under some sort of child care. We can supply talented staff to both public and private funded child care settings, and understand the varying demands connected to all levels and scenarios.


Some jobs in child care will only last a couple of months whereas others will offer long-term employment. However, all child care related jobs, regardless of length or purpose will require individuals who have a sheer passion for working with young children. In the past we have worked with summer camps, hospitals and care homes, acting as their exclusive child care recruitment agency who promises to deliver results.


For Candidates:


If you have worked in any type of child care role, then Next Generation Education want to hear from you! We regularly advertise some of the most rewarding jobs in child care and we are calling on talented professionals or willing learners to help our business clients continue to provide quality care and education to young children.


Although our child care recruitment service presents a jamboree of opportunities, common positions include child care assistant jobs, weekend child care jobs and even child care manager jobs. So whether you are new to the industry and seeking child care level 2 jobs or you’re looking for managerial or executive jobs in childcare, you may just be able to discover your next role with Next Generation Education.

Please take a browse through our current child care vacancies.


For Clients:


Our adaptability to any level of child care means that we can handle a diverse range of child care jobs whilst also understanding the different demands and characters needed to successfully fulfil the requirements of our clients. We can help you to find flexible carers for part time child care jobs or experienced candidates who are more suitable for permanent long-term positions.


Next Generation Care are committed to an open and transparent relationship with our clients, which will see an approachable and considerate manner withheld throughout any arrangements made. We love nothing more than working closely with our partners, finding solutions to their recruitment needs and then delivering accomplished candidates for the role – knowing that they’ll have a positive impact on young child’s life.

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about our child care recruitment service.